It’s Monday and your week ahead looks like a good week. You have five workouts planned, your meals are prepped and motivation is high. Something just doesn’t feel quite right though. Over the past 4-6 weeks you haven’t been training at 100% efficiency, failing some lifts, not quite progressing with the same precision and fatiguing on sets that you previously wouldn’t. It’s disappointing and demotivation starts to creep in. Does this sound familiar?

There is a simple answer that can help bring back training intensity and increase your motivation. Sports massage. Sports massage is one of the most important parts of recovery, injury prevention and progression in any sport. We live in a world where massage isn’t only confined to a luxury spa hotel and for many, it is now a regular part of training.  For example, you wouldn’t buy a car, use it on a daily basis, keep filling it up with petrol, maintain its shiny exterior, but ignore the service reminders and annual MOT would you?  Treat your body like a car. After a while you will get run down. No matter how much sleep, food and rest you get, you will need to get an ‘MOT’ in the form of a massage.

The effect that a massage has on the muscles is fairly simple; however it is the application of the technique that is important. As with any profession there are more experienced, better quality therapists. Visiting a therapist who doesn’t understand how the body works, may feel good at the time but won’t solve your problems and niggles. By spending some time doing your research, you can find a top quality therapist and reap the rewards in your training. When researching for a massage therapist, the most important thing to check is their qualification level and level of experience. My top recommendations would be to look for a Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist or an Osteopath. By researching your local area you can find a suitable therapist and it shouldn’t break the bank!

The effect of massage on the muscles will allow them to ‘slide and glide’. The best analogy out there to really show the positive effect of massage on the body would be spaghetti. Think of cooked spaghetti in a pan. This demonstrates the muscle fibers after weeks of training without any stretching or massage, the fibers are knotted, shortened and not able to perform their job to the required standards.

After receiving treatment, the muscle fibers turn back into the original form of uncooked spaghetti. They become long, smooth fibers that can slide efficiently past each other, allowing powerful, endurance based contractions with far less risk of injury.

Do your body a favor and book a sports massage today, you will thank me for it!


Nat Moore

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