Hi All,

I’m Dre Confucuis Zengarta, and whilst you may not think it, I’m actually a British-born trainer from Wolverhampton. I provide nutritional advice and life coaching so that when you’re able to focus and and stay committed to your goals even when I’m not there. My aim is to make you who you want to be, not what you think you should look like. Everybody is beautiful in their own way, however if it starts to affect your health, or you are unable to do something you love, that’s where I step in – so you can have that will to fight for what you believe in once more.

What services do I offer, exactly?

I provide free training, as a level 2 Personal Trainer. I am in the stages of progressing towards Level 3, and am able to provide this service for all those that purchase any type of nutritional product from my online store, www.drezengarta.arbonne.com. Not only are my products composed of strictly pure botanical elements, they work with your body’s naturally occurring abilities, and enhance them without leaving you with the array of nasty side effects seen when taking some of the other products available.

You have my word that all of the products you see are manufactured at the highest level and with the finest quality assurance measures in place, so that you can get the best results in just 30 days – demonstrated on my youtube channel ‘Swiss H.I.N.T’ (Health Intellect Nutrition Technology, or on my Instagram page @Drezswisshints.

Normally, the supplements would have to be over a certain price for me to train you for a whole month, but for a limited time only you can purchase any amount of items to qualify for this offer. So long as it goes towards your goal of becoming a better version of yourself, you’re in.

So, what are you waiting for? Anyone in the West Midlands area who wants to make their vision a reality – get in touch ASAP!

I hope you see value in this offering, and let me help you start your journey towards reinventing yourself.




Facebook: Dre Zengarta

Insta: Drezswisshints


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