If you’ve stepped outside in recent weeks, you’ve no doubt been swamped by an abundance of ‘hype media’ scare stories insisting that unless you sanitise yourself 23 hours of the day and stockpile every last piece of toilet roll you can find – the virus will get you. Spooky. 

Well, we are here to provide some actionable and logical strategies that will actually work In keeping you in check as the active gym-monkeys you all are!

If only.

FACT 1: COVID-19 Coronaviruses have had research conducted into their nature, physiological effects and virology from as early as the 1970s. 

This is not as novel as you think. Whilst the most recent Coronavirus outbreak is a new epidemic, the SARS and MERS viruses were also different expressions of the same virus. 

FACT 2: Both SARS and measles have higher contagion factors

 (4 and 18 respectively, compared to 2) than the Coronavirus. On top of this, COVID-19 has a 99.9% recovery rate for those under 50 (1 death in every 1000). Whilst spreading fast, think about the countries which have the highest mortality rates currently (Italy and China). Are they/were they really prepared for the spread? Are their healthcare industries sufficiently funded? What is the demographic of those that have died?

FACT 3: Face masks will do sweet FA for you

Whilst reassuring, unless you are wearing one of these things to bed, washing your hands before and after every time you handle it and maintain isolation from others – you’re likely wasting your time. Small droplets of bodily fluid from coughs/sneezes in the air vapour will easily make their way onto the surface, and you’ll end up feeling like a maniac having another thing to look after like a pet puppy. Maintain guidelines below though, and you’ll put yourself in a much better position with a whole lot less stress. 

Now you’ve cleaned all the dirt off those preconceived ideas the media has drilled into your head, let’s talk about some feasible, actionable strategies to use to stay healthy during the outbreak – from the professionals. 

(the red explosions are meant to be the virus).

Tips on staying Virus-Free

1. Zinc lozenges – Dr. James Aron, Consulting pathologist and the National Cancer Institute

Proven to stop the spread of viruses such as COV-1D in your throat and nasopharynx. Lie down and let it dissolve in your throat and mouth the moment you feel cold like symptoms 

2. If it’s not bleaching it, stop preaching it – professional immunologist

There’s no point using wipes – they’re not enough to kill off the virus. You’ll need at least 10% concentration bleach and administer for at least 1 minute for it to kill the virus cells, instead of bathing them. 

3. Touch gloves (knuckles) – Dr. James Aron (again!)

Boxers have the right idea with this one. Forget open-palm slapping and swap it for knuckle based greetings. If you’re used to  smashing weights in the gym anyway, you’ll know all about covering up those calluses so continue as normal!

I think we can all agree on this one.

Staying Mentally Sane whilst Indoors

1. There is no excuse (even if your living in Italy) – Alexandra Ellis, Founder of AE Wellness and host on The Body Nerd Show

Even if you can’t make it to the gym (some 24-hour fitness franchises are closing rapidly), there is plenty you can do from home. Whether it’s planks, press-ups, AMRAP circuits or handstands – if the Italians can do it right now, so can everyone else. The strongest will outlast this fast spreading virus, and using it as an excuse to stay idle and ingest an excessive amount of garbage won’t add to your chances. Keep your mind focussed on your goals. Just think, with all the roads clear and people working from home, could there really be a better time to hit the tarmac? 

2. Use a handy tool that keeps you on track, accountable and hungry for more

With a range of apps available for you to use for free to find trainers near you and get your own, personally tailored workout and meal plans assigned to you from a vetted professional; the 21st century is hardly the worst time to be ‘locked away’.

The Health Haven app does a great job of this. With the competitive pressure from the multiple trainers on their platform, there is bound to be a trainer out there for you. You can download the app and get started instantly from the Google Play Store or for iOS by visiting their website.

Additionally, online directories such as this one, Find Health Coach, and several in the U.S. such as Trainer Connect offer literally 1000s of Trainers’ detail for you for free. What a time to be alive! Why not find one now and capitalise on the homebound situation we’re faced with?

That’s it from me! Expect to hear a lot more in this space, with the worst coming in 10-14 weeks time and an estimate 10,000+ already infected in the UK alone, part of me feels excited to see how we come together (or not) to get through this tough time. 

If any of you fellow fitness fanatics do genuinely get flu-like symptoms then please do stay at home and rest up, and if necessary visit your nearest medical professional. 

We are more than happy to help anyone with any doubts they may have at this time. Our network of qualified and better health and wellness contacts is only growing. 

All the best and stay hungry!


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