The Benefits of Animal Moves Workouts
When you watch nature documentaries or footage of animals in the wild what do you notice? Do you notice that around half of the animals are morbidly obese? Do you notice that they look weak or anaemic? Do you see that they have weak, underdeveloped muscles or are out of shape? Of course, you don’t! Why? Because these are animals moving in the way that their bodies were intended and they don’t even exercise! In an era where most of us spend the vast majority of our time at work and at play sitting interspersed with trips to the gym or walks around the mall, it’s safe to say that we are not moving in ways our bodies were intended.
Animal move workouts, also known as animal flow, primal movement or natural movement workouts, help us to unlearn the limited movements we use in the modern world and re-engage muscle groups that have been left dormant for far too long. By using our bodies the way they were naturally intended – we get to enjoy a host of benefits.

They aid functional muscle building
You don’t see tigers doing push-ups or chimpanzees doing abdominal crunches. They exercise the muscles they need for function rather than aesthetic beauty without actually “exercising”. Animal Move Workouts engage the muscles we use for everyday functions such as jumping, crawling, hopping and climbing. 

They’re a comprehensive workout
Many of us work out in two discrete ways. We head on over to the weights room to pump some iron, and then we head on over to the cardio suite to work up a sweat. But a good workout need not be so polarised. The beauty of Animal Move Workouts is that they offer great cardiovascular conditioning while also building strength and flexibility. You can’t get a more comprehensive workout!

They’re a whole lot of fun and reconnects you to your inner child
Interestingly, kids tend to be great at Animal Move Workouts… Or at least they used to be. Before childhood meant moving from one screen to the next in the same way as their adult counterparts would later learn to do. However, if your childhood was more about scraping knees and climbing trees than iPads and PsVitas you’ll find that not only are Animal Move Workouts a lot of fun, they help you to reconnect with your inner child.
It can be extremely therapeutic as well as a great full-body workout. 

They can help you to regain lost mobility
Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle has come at a physical cost for many of us. Part of this cost is a lack of mobility especially in the hips and lower back. Because Animal Move Workouts get us used to moving in the way nature intended they can strengthen the muscle tissue around neglected joints and help you to regain your lost mobility. 

They’re free and can be done anywhere
You don’t need to join a particular gym to enjoy Animal Move Workouts. You won’t need to keep buying expensive equipment. You won’t need to be at a set place at a set time. You can enjoy the benefits of these workouts absolutely anywhere at any time. You can enjoy them at home, in the park or even at work (if you’re feeling brave). 
So, what are you waiting for? Throw your inhibitions aside and start enjoying the benefits of Animal Move Workouts today! 
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Darryl Edwards is a movement coach, play advocate, speaker and creator of the Primal Play Method™.

Darryl Edwards
TEDx Speaker, founder of the Primal Play Method 

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